I’m Keri, a life and business coach for women who are ready to confidently live a life and run a business they are obsessed with.

Your inspiration. Your cheerleader. Your kick in the pants.


Born in the Middle of Nowhere, USA, I longed for a life of travel, free from a “typical” lifestyle I had grown up seeing. Working in a cubicle?

Not for me. I wanted the sun on my face, wind in my hair, and to live my retirement NOW. And that is just what I manifested.

Long ago, I was always a people-pleaser. Boundaries were nonexistent. Confidence was always something I longed for. Self-sabotage and self-doubt were my middle names. I put everything and everyONE else before myself. Until I didn’t.

In 2016, after losing every. last. bit. of confidence in an extremely toxic relationship, I decided it was now MY time.

I could either LIVE my life or have someone else live it for me. I could either be complacent or live my life ON FIRE.

I started. I started small. I started messy. I started terrified. I started with a MASSIVE amount of debt.

But I KNEW God heard my dream.

I discovered the TRUE power of prayer and manifestation and MAGIC happened.

In less than a year:

● I discovered the power and confidence within myself.

● I manifested (and married) my soulmate.

● I discovered the power of saying and doing the difficult things.

● I unleashed my inner action-taker and business woman (while also learning to LOVE the softer side of myself at the same time).

● I FINALLY allowed myself to live as ME (not just what I THOUGHT the world wanted me to be).

● I’ve turned my dream and $40K of debt into making more than DOUBLE my salary as a former classroom teacher.

● I turned fear and anxiety into action.

● I started SHOWING UP and allowed myself to live in ABUNDANCE.

● I started OWNING who I was...every part of me...and leveraging that to call in my soul-aligned clients.

● I dove DEEP and turned my money story on its head.

● I now truly LIVE.

And the best part? ----> I get to live out my dream of helping others do the same.

I am here to share all my juicy secrets with you to confidently build your soul-inspired dream from messy idea into confident and clear action.

Your dreams are waiting for you...are you ready to call them into being?

What’s the dream that keeps you up at night?