Vision Board Workshop.png

 90 Minutes to Success: Vision Board Workshop

Have you ever created a vision board and never actually accomplished anything on it? 

The game's about to change, sister! In this workshop, we will:

  • Share how to successfully use vision boards to help YOU define (or redefine) your goals and start manifesting the life of your dreams.

  • Explore the mindset behind creating vision boards and how we can use it to manifest everything we desire and more.

  • Work through the process together, answer any questions you have, and you have lifetime access to the training and materials.

  • Show you it IS possible to live a life greater than you ever imagined!

The first time I used vision boards, I manifested:

  • My soulmate, after having just left an extremely toxic relationship. We are now married and grow more and more in love each day!

  • An amazing adventure in the Guatemalan jungle, where I lived out a dream of mine taking pictures for an incredible archaeological project!

  • A closer and tighter relationship with my family and true friends.

  • A job that allowed me to pay quadruple the amount on my student loans to get me even closer to debt-free living!

  • My passion into a successful business to help women just like me hone their confidence to live an incredibly free and abundant life they are obsessed with!

Let's get YOU started to manifest the life of your dreams!

Workshop Investment: $38